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About Jose Trejos

What I most enjoy of the real estate industry is meeting wonderful people from all over the World. I enjoy listening to people's stories of their experiences and accomplishments. I hope to hear your story soon and be able to be a part of many more of your accomplishments.

If you are wondering who I am, allow me to give you a bit of my background. My family and I immigrated from Nicaragua in 1979 because of a civil war. Yes, I speak Spanish fluently. Before I was 9 years old we moved around some, until we arrived in Miami, Florida. I graduated from Miami Springs Senior High and joined the Marine Corps in 1996. I was honorably discharged in 2000. In 2003 I found my calling in the real estate industry. I started by acquiring my mortgage license. I successfully practiced that until the recession. In 2010, I decided to acquire my real estate license. It's been like living a dream ever since.

What can be more fun than to go home-shopping with friends for a living? One of my greatest joys is when the buyer falls in love and says, "This one is IT!" Whether it is your first purchase or tenth, if you need to sell your current home to purchase another one, if you are new to South Florida or a native, I will work diligently for you because to me there is no greater satisfaction than to hand your family a set of keys to your American Dream.

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